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Easy Peasies  Modern cloth diapers, simplified.  Easy Peasies ® cloth diapers are designed and shipped from Stanley, NB Canada- our cloth diapers and personal care products are tested in real life before they ever go to market so you can rest assured you are making the right choice with Easy Peasies ®  We make over 95% of our goods domestically in Canada with safe, quality tested materials.  Learn More About Easy Peasies ®

Save time, and money  Easy Peasies ® cloth diapers and personal care products are hassle-free and easy to use.  Our cloth diapers are less bulky and have a superior fit and last longer than most cloth diapers, & we've got the warranty to back it up.   No need to buy disposable diapers & no special detergents needed. Save up to $25 per week!  Learn More About how Easy Peasies helps you save.




Easy Peasies Cloth Diapers are some of the most stylish, Canadian Made cloth diapers on the market today- Check out our free shipping promos on facebook

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Easy Peasies cloth diapers are made with domestic and imported premium tested materials. 

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