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Home to our bestselling Easy Peasies Cloth Diapers, The Easy Cup™, our Dry-Nights™ and Ready Use™ AIO Cloth Diapers, all natural Cloth Diaper Inserts, Little Sprout™ Pants, Silky Natural Lip Balm, Bath Soakers, Baltic Amber Necklaces, the Easy Pads™ & More! 


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Need Direction? We have a lovely group of moms, just like you, who are available to help provide some direction on cloth diapers, laundering, and more. They're happy to answer your questions right now in real time! 

Have questions? Check out our detailed FAQ and Cloth Diaper information page

Get in touch with us, by using the chat window in the lower left corner of this page. If you don't see it, message us through Facebook, we are pretty quick to get back to you- you will never get an auto-reply! We even speak french (poorly)!  You can also email the Easy Peasies team by using the Contact Us link above. 

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