FAQs & Other Information on Easy Peasies Cloth Diaper Basics & More

How do I choose a cloth diaper?

Easy Peasies come in a variety of diapering options including a one size AIO (All in one / one piece), a newborn AIO, and a one size pocket diaper (2 or more pieces).

Easy Peasies all in ones are made to be adjustable, so the absorbency can be removed for when you need less, and added for when you need more, but are attached to the diaper by sturdy snaps. You do not need to pair, fold, or stuff in inserts.

Newborn diapers are good up to the first 3 months (approximately), have an added pocket and come with an (optional) bamboo booster so you can attach more absorbency to the diaper when your baby needs it.

Easy Peasies pocket diapers - the most popular option, are preferred by most because they are just so customizable. You can stuff them with any one of our natural fibre inserts, making them fit any need, and budget. You can also lay the insert on top of the fleece, and swap out a new insert while reusing the cover. 

Shown below, our popular one size system, this sizing is available  in our one size Easy Peasies Pocket diaper, and one size AIO diaper (AIO has an even larger 5th sizing adjustment option) 


How does the 'one size' thing work? 

Like you can see in the picture above, each Easy Peasies one size diaper has height adjustable rise snaps on the front of the diaper. The top row are male snaps and the bottom 3 rows are female snaps. To adjust the rise (or height) of the diaper, you simply snap the top row of snaps into one of the bottom 3 rows to get the fit you need. The tummy and wing (waist/hip) snaps allow you to make the diaper as tight or as loose on the baby's belly as needed. 


What is a pocket diaper? 

The Easy Peasies pocket diaper has a waterproof outer layer with snaps to adjust the fit and size of the diaper as your baby grows and changes shape. The inside is lined with stay-dry fleece that allows wetness to pass through and into the absorbent insert that you stuff inside the pocket. The pocket opening on the Easy Peasies diaper is conveniently positioned at the back of the diaper with a roomy opening for easy peasy stuffing.




What kind of inserts should I use? 

Easy Peasies offer a variety of natural fibre inserts.


Cotton is ideal for a smaller budget, and light wetters, you can use two for heavy wetters.


Our bamboo inserts are thick and thirsty, extremely durable and blended with cotton for quick reliable absorbency for even the heaviest of wetters.


Hemp is a trusty work horse, but requires a good amount of prepping (pre washing). Once its fully prepped (best after 8-10 washes) its trim, dense, and thirsty. Hemp and cotton make an excellent combo when paired! 


Why doesn't Easy Peasies sell Microfiber?

Microfiber is a cheap, and commonly used diaper absorbency option offered by most brands. Easy Peasies discontinued the use of microfiber in early 2016 because its prone to holding odors, can not be used next to baby's skin, and is 100% synthetic. Its also prone to compression leaks, and doesn't absorb a lot of liquid for the amount of bulk it adds to a cloth diaper. We replaced microfiber with all natural cotton. 


Do I have to get my hands dirty?

When babies are brand new their solids literally wash away in the machine, and our inserts are designed to agitate out in the wash. Meaning you don't have to reach in and pull out dirty inserts. This works best in top loading machines but is also affective in front loaders with adequate water levels.

After baby starts eating solid foods, simply give the diaper a shake over the toilet and wash the diaper as per usual. If you prefer to rinse your diapers, there are many options at your local hardware store that can help. Ask for a hose with a stop valve that you can connect to your toilet fresh water valve. 


How do you wash them?

Dirty cloth diapers are just a really dirty load of laundry. You can use your regular detergent, but avoid fabric softeners and softener sheets. Wash them with lots of water so they can move around in the machine, the inserts can agitate out. You can do an extra rinse after the wash is done if you like, but this is not needed. Dry them on the line, or in the dryer. Stains can usually be sunned out, or treated with lemon juice (on the fleece) and sun. 


What type of detergent should I use?

You can use any regular laundry detergent. Our personal preferences are Sunlight and Gain! Sunlight is lightly, but pleasantly scented, affordable, effective and gentle on your baby's sensitive skin. Gain has a fun and fruity scent, cleans well, but costs a slight amount more than Sunlight. You can purchase both of these options at most costco locations in bulk after trying them out! Since these detergents can be used on your clothing as well, there is no need to remember which soap is for which wash. 



Do cloth diapers work as well as disposables?

Yes! Easy Peasies diapers are made with a waterproof outer layer. It keeps clothing, bedding, and YOU dry. The inside is lined with a stay dry fleece, keeping your baby comfy while pulling wetness into the absorbent inner layers. You should get 2-4 hours between changes in your cloth diaper depending on how much your baby is wetting, and how much of which material you stuff your diaper with. Bamboo is best for heavy wetters.


How many diapers do I need?

This depends on how often you want to do wash of diapers. It is good to have 10 diapers per day, just in case. So if you want to wash them every other day, 20 diapers is usually enough. We have full kits available for you in sets of 12, and 24 diapers including inserts. 


I've got my diapers, now what? 

Just as you would with new clothing, give your new Easy Peasies diapers a washing. You don't need any special detergents. Don't use any fabric softener and you don't need to bleach them. You can wash on the warm, or cold water settings and dry them in the machine or air dry. Machines can be set to medium to medium high heat. Once they're done, let them cool before you stuff them. This can cause premature deterioration of your elastics. 


What about the inserts? 

All of Easy Peasies' insert are made with natural fibres. While cotton and bamboo require little to no special prepping other than a regular wash, hemp needs to be washed 3-4 times to reach its ideal absorbency and reaches its full potential after 8 soapy washes. This sounds like a lot right, but hemp performs very well, and its so trim- so if bulky cloth diapers aren't your thing- go with hemp. You can give them a few more washings by throwing them in with a load of your whites, towels, or diapers. 

Since our AIO diapers are made with hemp sewn in, its best to follow the same rule for them as well. Bamboo and cotton can be washed 1 time, then used effectively, though they will continue to become even more absorbent with every washing.


Where do you ship from?

We ship from Stanley NB Canada via oversized lettermail or expedited Canada Post shipping. 


Can I find your fabrics and prints anywhere else or purchase it?

Our prints are all designed in house and are printed in small batches. They are not available to purchase at this time.


Where are your products made? 

Diapers, inserts, menstrual pads, and one size pants are all made in Canada from our carefully selected manufacturers. Our cups are imported from Germany, and our Baltic amber comes from Lithuania. Cotton inserts are imported from Pakistan.


Are your diapers CPSIA Certified? 

Yes, you can request our CPSIA certificate by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Where can I find your warranty information?

You can find our warranty information by clicking the Warranty link at the bottom of this page. 


Where can I buy Easy Peasies?

You can use our Shop Local Link at the top of the page to find a retailer near you. You can also shop online by clicking Shop | Products, Shop on Amazon Prime, or browse our swap group on Facebook. 






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