3 Ways to be stash-ready before baby arrives

Exciting things are happening! You found out your pregnant AND you're thinking about cloth diapers. Every cloth diaper you invest in, saves you money and cloth diapers pay for themselves in just 10 weeks when compared to disposables.

So lets talk about how you can have a complete stash of cloth diapers ready before your baby arrives! 


Option # 1 - The Full Kit

Easy Peasies offers a full kit of diapers, meaning you get all the diapers and inserts you need to get started with cloth. You can even double up the full kit to give yourself enough cloth diapers to last for 2-3 days between washings. Our full kit of cloth diapers offers you the option to choose any type of insert to fit your needs and budget and comes in 3 color/print set options. Learn more about the Full Kit options.


Option # 2 - The 'I'm Pregnant!' Subscription Box

We can help you start building your stash from the moment you find out you're pregnant or, the moment you decide you want to choose cloth diapers for your baby. Sign up, and get diapers and inserts every month for 6 months. Sit back, relax, and await your fluff mail deliveries. You'll have a set of 24 diapers and premium bamboo trifolds at the end of the 6 months. All the cloth diapers and inserts you need before your sweet baby arrives. You can sign up for this one, and any of our other awesome subscription boxes through this link



Option # 3 - Payment Plans

For some families paying outright for a full stash of diapers simply isn't practical. The solution is an easy to use payment plan. Pay as little or as much as you want towards your stash as often as you want. Once your stash is all paid up, your order ships out. Easy Peasy. Just choose the Full Kit, or a build your own stash, then choose Payment Plan as your payment option. 


No matter which option you prefer you can rest assured that choosing cloth diapers for your baby is a great step and there is no better feeling than being completely prepared, and ready for your little bundle to arrive.

Keep in mind, if none of these options appeal to you, you can always start stashing up at any time- pick up a diaper once a week, or gradually build your collection until baby comes. Just like everything else in parenting, there is no set rule, and it turns out, that out of the ordinary, is pretty ordinary after all. 

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