Warranty Details for Your Easy Peasies Cloth Diapers & More

At Easy Peasies we care about quality. We inspect our cloth diapers, inserts, one size pants, personal care items and cosmetics after manufacturing, and again before shipping to retailers and customers. If you happen to receive a defective Easy Peasies product we sincerely apologize and want to do everything we can to amend the situation for you. 


Please read through our warranty information below and contact us with the applicable information for the product in question.


In order to provide an Easy Peasies exchange, or free product repair we require proof of purchase, and photos of the cloth diaper or other item in question so please have them ready to send in your email in order to expedite your query.


Easy Peasies warranties are non transferable and do not apply to normal wear & tear of the cloth diaper, pants, inserts, etc. as described below.



The Easy Peasies Pocket cloth diaper, AIO (all in one) cloth diaper, Washable/Reusable Menstrual Pads, Wetbags, One Size Pants, and Swim Cloth Diaper Warranty Coverage



Fallen off snaps will be replaced by Easy Peasies if a claim is opened within 18 months from date of purchase. This type of defect is defined as a workmanship claim since it is likely that a fallen-off snap was not properly attached. Photos of the cloth diaper, and snap need to be provided to make a proper assessment. 


Cracked or broken snaps will be replaced if the cloth diaper, wet bag, swim diaper, or menstrual pad is new in package, or unprepped. 


Broken or cracked snaps on used items was likely to have occurred in the laundry, or other handling (jammed in a drawer while closing, stepped on, etc) issue and are not covered by Easy Peasies. We can offer a free repair on customer damaged items with shipping to and from Easy Peasies covered by the customer.



Delamination of Easy Peasies wet bag, menstrual pad, or the cloth diaper PUL is covered for claims placed within 1 year of purchase with photos and proof of purchase. Please include a description of laundry and care methods used. The return of defective merchandise for internal quality control inspection purposes is required.


Should the issue be a manufacturing defect, and a replacement be necessary, we will replace the cloth diaper/affected item with the current model, or most comparable item available.


Cracked PUL occurs when the PUL fabric is extremely dried out or harshly treated and is not covered under warranty. This can be caused by a harsh detergent, special laundry treatments, water quality or hardness, and other factors that vary from customer to customer. If you suspect that a diaper has become cracked as a result of one of these causes, please contact us and we will be happy to help you troubleshoot.



Easy Peasies cloth diaper elastics are covered for 60 days from date of purchase. Please send photos and proof of purchase via email. Because elastics can be affected by deteriorating factors such as extremely high temperatures, storing in airtight containers, hard water, stripping, bleaching, vinegar, heavily scented detergents, putting diapers on too tight (overstretching), and stuffing cloth diapers while hot from the dryer, any issues occurring prematurely with elastics are not manufacturer, or workmanship defects. Should the stitching come loose in your elastic please contact us for a free repair to reattach the elastic.


Inserts, Trifolds & Prefolds Warranty Coverage

We cover manufacturer or workmanship defects on Easy Peasies diaper inserts for 30 days. This includes deteriorating fabric or compromised stitches not related to laundering or use.



Workmanship/ Stitching

Easy Peasies cloth diapers and swim diapers are sewn with a served edge. This helps insure durability. Also referred to as an overlock stitch, the serged edge begins at an angle, and finishes by overlapping and going off the diaper edge also at an angle. This can sometimes result in loose-looking end (tail) threads. While this may not look familiar to those used to the look of a standard straight stitch, the overlapping is normal and is what helps hold the stitching securely in place.



Do not pull on loose threads, after washing and drying you can simply trim off the tail threads with scissors and continue to use your Easy Peasies cloth diaper as normal. Be careful not to cut the PUL or the stitching that is holding the diaper securely together. 



If you feel that the workmanship of your Easy Peasies diapering item has failed, and the stitching is not secure simply send photos of the portion in question within the first 5 days of use along with detailed information of your laundering and care routine, so we can take a look to see if a repair is needed.



If your diaper requires a repair, send it to us. For more information on how to proceed with sending a cloth diaper in for repair please see: Shipping items back for return or repair, below.  



The Warranty Excludes:

Normal wear, tears, cuts, abrasions, stains, pilling fleece, burns, staining, leaks, and items sold as seconds quality.


Shipping items back for return or repair

When items must be repaired or exchanged, we ask that customers use the most cost effective shipping method available. This can be obtained using a stay flat, rigid mailer envelope and should cost between $2-$3. If the customer requires reimbursement for shipping, please send a copy of your receipt to info@easypeasies.com. Reimbursements are made in the form of store credit only. 

Please note, we do not accept returns outside of the details outlined above. Due to the nature of the items, general returns are not accepted.

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