Waffle weave cotton has been around a long time and is a staple in some high end hotels in North America and Europe. You’ve probably seen waffle weave bath robes on spa promotions, or on TV.

Unfortunately the price tag of these items makes them off limits for most families – until now.

As part of the Simply Good™ line of natural care products, new waffle weave cotton towels are beautiful, functional, and – affordable!

Saving time & energy

When tested against traditional terry towels, waffle weave cotton dried 2 to 3 times faster than terry bath towels.

For big families like ours, quick drying towels are a must on laundry day to keep things moving in the wash system. No more hour and a half dry time for towels. Yes!

They also dry quick when hung in the washroom or on clothes line and don’t seem to get quite as stiff as their terry counter part.

As a result, you’ll save on energy costs associated with your electric or fuel powered dryer whether washing at home, or at the launder-mat.


We’ve got to admit what drew us to this material when testing and designing these bath towels was in fact, the look. The crisp white textured pattern of the weave just begs to be touched and swooned over.

Whether you’ve got a rustic design, modern, or even more traditional look going on, these towels will fit right in and offer a classy and timeless feel to the room.

Price point

We’re known for keeping things as affordable as possible and that won’t stop at our luxury towels.

When researching this particular design I was personally shocked at the price point assigned by current vendors. At $80 or more for 2 towels they are unaffordable for most families, especially for something more people haven’t tried.

We wanted to make a set of these towels comparable to your typical set of cotton terry towels, but still be reflective of the cost of materials and labor to make them.

The shipping is free too!

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