We LOVE our customers. Seriously, there is something truly heartwarming about the genuine unsolicited content I see on social media, in chat groups, and on YouTube that our clients create and share with those they love most- THEIR friends and family.

Recently we decided to start giving back to those customers. This is beyond throwing in a free gift along with an order- something we also regularly do here at Easy Peasies, but every few weeks we send out free stuff to a few handpicked social media goddesses. Women who have a true passion for our products, take great candid photos, and believe in the items they stand behind.

As a small business, there is no better way for us to test new items, get honest feedback, and work out the fine details, than by giving them to real life moms who truly want the best for their family.

Not only do we get one on one feedback on these items, but we get word of mouth. Those who are connected to our influencers, and are curious about our line, can ask direct questions and have real conversations with these ladies!

We are always growing this impromptu team and you can be part of it. By tagging @easypeasies on instagram, or on Facebook, you’ll notify us about your product post and may be tapped to join our group. It’s that easy.

Of course, there are a few things we look for when selecting our influencers. In order to be selected you should have a good following, take clear and well lit photos, and highlight the benefits and features of the item you are sharing in your post.

Interested? Send us a request, be sure to fill out all the fields and you may just find yourself on the receiving end of some surprise mail!