The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about washing your own menstrual pads is probably not CLEAN.

I can honestly say, I had the same thought many years ago when cloth pads were first becoming a thing. “Ew, no way I would use that.”

I am however, happy to announce that I am now a full convert and I would never go back to disposable menstrual products after having made the switch. Because now when I think of disposable pads and tampons I have the same instinctive though about them as a did about cloth, 15 years ago.

I know you’re probably thinking, ‘She’s crazy, I’m out of here’.

No, WAIT! Let me explain.

Let’s talk pads vs pads before we talk cups vs tampons.

When you use a cloth pad you don’t get that constant wet feeling – you know what I’m talking about. Is it sweat? Is it soaked? You just don’t know with a disposable, until you rush to the washroom to check.

It’s no wonder-why when you think about it, because they’re made with a plastic backing similar to that of a grocery bag. Suffocating – the opposite of breathable.

Cloth pads are made with – well, cloth making them breathable, absorbent, and comfortable.

The absorbent core is made with a hemp cotton fabric that absorb odours, and wetness. Free of perfumes, and artificial dyes. The top is a stay-dry athletic material. This means wetness goes through, and into the core – away from your skin.

Best of all they stay the same trim size that they were when they were dry, as they are when they’re used up – eliminating all the disposable diaper feels.

The back is a fabric called PUL. Its breathable too, but waterproof so you don’t need to worry about leaks seeping through and onto your clothes.

The Easy Pads™ kit comes with a free mini bag to store them in made with the same waterproof and washable fabric. You can keep your pads in the bag until you’re ready to do laundry.

You do not need to wash them by hand. Do a mini load in the washer, or wash with other laundry using regular detergent. Sun, or machine dry. Easy Peasy, sista.

If pads aren’t your thing and you’re a tampon user, the closest reusable option for you would be the menstrual cup.

I know, I know, ‘ew’ right? Bear with me while I explain while how these revolutionary little things are also a much cleaner alternative for you and the environment.

Cups are made with medical grade silicon, are about the size of a shot glass and are flexible and comfortable to use.

When using tampons you’ve likely noticed the need to swap ’em out almost every time you use the washroom. This is not the case when using the Easy Cup™. Since there’s nothing sticking out on the exterior when using a cup, that means no soiled string to pull.

Cups work by accumulating menstrual blood much like a tampon, but since they’re reusable they only need to be emptied, rinsed, and inserted again. Tampons are often flushed, causing potential issues with plumbing, and frequently end up in waterways or on beaches.

Most tampons are made used with a plastic applicator, meaning even more waste. If it doesn’t end up in the sewage system and waterways, it ends up in the trashcan and ultimately landfills.

On regular and light days, most cup users only need to empty them once in the morning and once at night (about every 12 hours). Easy Cup™ users also report fewer cramps and discomfort when compared to when they were using tampons.

Unless using organic tampons, you’ll also run the risk of inserting toxic chemicals including pesticides and herbicides into one of your most delicate body parts. Since the cup is moulded with medical grade silicon it is not only hypoallergenic but also free of such chemicals.

So not only are both of these options better for you, better for the earth, and cleaner to use, they’re also more convenient. Because who wants to run out to the pharmacy with a wad of TP crammed between your legs.

Not this girl!

So in the words of Yo! Gabba Gabba, “Try it, you might like it!”