You may have noticed over the past few years Easy Peasies has been eliminating a variety of cloth diaper absorbency options and replacing them with bamboo.

In this post, we’ll explain why we have been making these changes and why bamboo continuously comes out on top when it comes to super soaking materials in your cloth diapers.

Microfiber: The first to go

The first material to leave the lineup was microfibre. Sure, its cheap and easy to sew with, but it’s a lousy option for cloth diapers.

It holds on to odors, can’t be used next to baby’s skin, is bulky, and prone to compression leaks. Microfiber gives cloth diapers a bad name.

When parents are first starting out on their cloth diapering journey they lean toward the most economical absorbency option (usually microfibre). This leaves new cloth diapering parents with leaky, stinky diapers, and full of doubt and frequently causes them to prematurely throw in the towel on cloth, because they’re simply too much work.

The last thing we want, for hopeful, optimistic and brave new parents who ventured into the world of reusable diapers is to have them ditch the idea and spread the word to all their new parent friends about the awful experience they had.


Easy Peasies replaced microfibre with an equally economical, but more natural option- cotton. The cotton was well received for the most part, but finding a good reliable supplier with a consistent quality proved to be quite difficult.

In addition, cotton was almost as bulky as the microfibre, and once parents needed to start adding boosters as babies absorbency needs grew, there was very little room left in the diaper for the baby.


Hemp is an all time favourite cloth diapering material for me personally. When I first started out on my cloth diapering journey the trimness and super soaking power of well prepared hemp was incomparable to anything else I had tried. Any one who has some well loved hemp, knows what Im talking about.

If its so wonderful, why did we ditch it? We did so reluctantly.

Hemp is expensive.

It’s difficult to produce, and no one in Canada makes hemp material that we can work with leaving the only option to be importing the fabric. Since it’s expensive to begin with, and importing means buying in USD, we are paying roughly 40% more for the fabric. This means are higher end price and its just not feasible.

It takes a lot of washing to get it to peak performance.

Again, while we find hemp to be the best when its fully prepared, it can be tricky and time consuming to get it there. This can be discouraging and confusing to a lot of cloth diapering parents. Some even find hemp slow to absorb, meaning it can hold a lot, but it takes a few seconds to soak it all up and for some, this can equal flooding. That means leaks.


Bamboo is a relatively affordable material, easy to prep, trim, and absorbent. Bamboo plants grow fast and so it’s sustainable. It’s also very soft and like cotton and hemp, is safe to wear next to baby’s skin- unlike microfibre.

And because it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of special prepping it’s very user friendly. Bamboo is quick to absorb too, a great option for both day time, as well as night time diapers.

Easy Peasies bamboo is fabricated in Quebec, Canada meaning buying it is quick and simple. Not only is Easy Peasies supporting another Canadian business, but we’re buying it in Canadian dollars which allows us to keep the costs low and in turn pass those savings on to our customers with fair end prices for a quality product that is 100% made in Canada.

If you haven’t tried bamboo inserts yet, you really should. Trim, absorbent, natural, Canadian. An all around truly versatile material. What more could you ask for?