What we're all about  

Here at Easy Peasies® we're creating beautiful, quality, and long-lasting products for day to day use at home or out & about without the use of potentially harmful chemicals, so you can spend your free time enjoying the important moments in life - instead of worrying about what you're bringing into your home. 

All of the Easy Peasies® products are designed to save you time, money, and hassle while protecting the health & wellness of you, your family, and your environment. 

Our mission is to create the products you need using a sustainable, and simplified approach giving you an end product that is refined, durable, and easy to use.  

We're located in Stanley, NB Canada and design each product based on our own real-life experience and needs. With 4 kids in the house, there is always inspiration. 


Going Forward

We started out with just 1 cloth diaper model, and now, the Easy Peasies® brand has grown to include an array of stylish, easy to use, and functional products.

New & innovative items are added regularly, and we will continue to expand to offer you even more goods to suit your daily needs- while sourcing as many of the items locally as possible. 


Where we came from & moving production home  

Founded in 2010, Easy Peasies® began by importing an affordable pocket diapering option, and soon expanded to include a newborn sized AIO, and a PUL diaper cover (shown below).


We soon met the need to change the design and quality of the diaper, and consolidate the use of multiple overseas manufacturers to just one location. Bringing you the 2nd generation of Easy Peasies® cloth diapers which included the G2 Newborn AIO, One Size AIO, and G2 One Size Pocket system (shown below). We designed a one size hemp fitted-diaper and brought this design to our manufacturer, but found that the security of handing over the design of a new product overseas was quickly compromised. 

Wanting to expand the line further and preserve the integrity of our new design plans, we moved production of all diaper models to a lovely and responsible Canadian manufacturer.

Our new Canadian manufacturer made our existing diaper models in small batches. We did all the labelling and packaging at head office to keep the end prices low, but boy was it time consuming. 

After using our diapers for 2 years on our own Baby E, in late 2013 we did a complete redesign of all of our diapers. This new design launched in 2014, bringing you what is recognized today as our ruffly edged, trim fitting and bright colored Easy Peasies Cloth Diapers.

Finally- cloth diaper perfection! 

Today & Tomorrow

We continue to use our own products right here at home just as we did from day 1. 

We've since added even more items to the Easy Peasies lineup including our one size Little Sprout Pants (made right here in New Brunswick), Menstrual Pads, Baltic Amber (sourced from a certified amber exporter in Lithaunia), & More.   

We thank you for your interest in Easy Peasies and are here to answer any questions you may have. We are always trying to do better, move forward, and work with the skilled and talented members of our community to support their businesses and utilize the services offered to us, as we grow.  

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