Easy Peasies has been making pants to fit over cloth diapered bottoms for a few years now and after making some improving modifications, the Little Sprout pants have become a best seller here in our store.

What were originally known as Maxaloons, the Little Sprout pants have evolved to fit better, and longer than ever before.

What are they?

Little Sprout pants are specially designed to grow with your baby. Each pair has a longer than usual set of waist and ankle cuffs that show the same pattern or colour on the inside as they do the outside, so you can roll them up to make the legs shorter for younger babies, and roll them down all the way to fit bigger babies wearing up to size 3T.

Why do I need them, you ask?

With 4 kids in the house, we are all too familiar with the constant need to buy the next size up for your little one. In fact, our oldest is known as Mr short pants when he comes down the stairs with his jeans showing his ankles.

Little Sprout pants eliminate this need because you can adjust the size of the pant as your baby grows replacing sizes 3-6M, 6-9M, 9-12M, 12M, 18M, 2T and sometimes even 3T depending on the shape of your baby. Thats 6 pair of pants you don’t need to buy! Talk about value.

Fairly priced and Canadian Made

As you may know, Easy Peasies strives to keep our products made in Canada, and priced low. There is no exception with our Little Sprout Pants.

We do our best to source the lowest prices for quality materials, and design, cut, and sew all of our pants here at Headquarters and top the whole deal off with free shipping.

So the next time your little one needs a new set of duds, give a pair of LS Pants a try. Not only are they made with stretchy, comfortable material, they’re stylish and fun to collect too!

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