Cloth for overnight, preschoolers & beyond

After your baby reaches a certain size, double (or triple) stuffing your pocket diapers, and getting them onto your child comfortably can be a challenge.  

This is also true for kids that aren’t quite ready to potty train but are starting to out grow their one-size cloth diapers. Oftentimes more height is needed as babies grow taller and the Ready-Use (without the night time soakers) & Dry-Nights diapers (with the night time soaker) has an additional rise setting to get you there.

Overnight cloth diapers are usually stuffed with 12 or more layers of absorbency to insure everyone gets a good night sleep and wakes up dry. This can be very difficult to achieve, and so it was purely out of necessity that our Dry-Nights AIO diaper was created while cloth diapering my super heavy wetting baby. 

Made with a bigger outer shell (to allow room for all those layers, and to fit bigger babies), more size settings (to get a good snug fit and compensate for the larger overall size of the diaper), and of course- lots of absorbency. 

We also opted for all natural absorbency since microfiber can hang onto odours and adds unnecessary bulk. The soakers are made with a mix of hemp, and bamboo. Sustainable and thirsty materials. 

The soakers in this all in one diaper are removable to allow for daytime use on babies of all ages if needed too.

For Potty Training

This a great diaper for toddlers who are potty training since you can leave all of the snap-in inserts out, and use the 3 ply sewn-in soaker to give a little bit of wetness protection, that will let your little know that they’re feeling wet.

Most tots who are learning to use the potty still need overnight leak proof protection- sometimes for several months.

Dry-Nights Mean Happy Mornings

Overnight diapering can be a challenge for babies from 6 months on for most parents, but there are more options out there than night time disposables. 

The Dry-Nights diapers not only fit older babies, but they come with 12 layers of absorbency and room for more, to add your own boosters if needed.

The snap in stay-dry fleece booster has our signature inner wetness channels that provide an extra barrier at the legs. There is a front PUL flap to help prevent leaks at the tummy, and a fleece flap at the back. Everything is wrapped up with our super stretchy waterproof PUL. 

Want an in depth look at the Easy Peasies® Dry-Nights™ diapers? 

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