The Full Kit™ - Ready-Use AIO Diapers


The Full Kit™ - Ready-Use AIO Diapers 00271

The Full Kit® AIO Version! A Full Set of 12 super soaking AIO diapers.

The NEW Ready-Use AIO from Easy Peasies® offers the same hemp absorbency you have come to love from the previous model, but in a convenient, quicker-drying, more customizable, and longer fitting one size diaper.

The expandable absorbency system in this diaper allows you to attach the extra long hemp booster (sold separately) to create the ultimate Dry-Nights AIO diaper (keeping your baby or toddler dry for up to 12+ hours).

Our new AIO fits your tot for longer than ever before, from 8lbs up to 45lbs+ and is just as trim as the other Easy Peasies diapers.

With 3 layers of hemp/cotton blended jersey sewn in, and another 3 layers in the stay dry booster, you have one thirsty, yet beautifully well-fitting diaper.

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