Easy Pocket™ One Size Cloth Diaper


Easy Pocket™ One Size Cloth Diaper 00015
The Easy Peasies One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is made in Canada and Ships FREE! The most versatile diaper in our lineup and best selling, Easy Pocket™. The Easy Pocket™ is known and loved for it's perfect fit, soft stretchy fabric, and adorable look. Designed to give you the best value, the Easy Pocket™ diaper will fit your baby from 6lbs up to 40lbs, and has the warranty…
C$18.99 In stock
Color Dragon (0) Ocean (0) Orchid (0) Raspberry (0) Lemon (0) Grape (0) Peachy (0) Northern Reflections (0) Maple (0) Princess (0) Fiddlehead (0) Celeste (0) Chase (0)
Options Without Inserts (0) + 1 2-Ply Bamboo Trifold (5.5) + 1 3-Ply Bamboo Trifold (9.5)

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